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Social Hall Rental Agreement

Rental of the Beaver Creek Sportsman Club Social Hall is for Members only, and only for ''approved non-profit'' functions. Unusual activities must be approved by the Trustees of the Beaver Creek Sportsman Club. Members arranging for the rental are responsible for ''everyone'' and ''everything'' that happens on Beaver Creek Sportsman Club property. Beaver Creek Sportsman Club is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
Rental of the Beaver Creek Sportsman Club Social Hall is on a first come, first serve basis, and once the $100.00, (75.00 Rental Fee and $25.00 Security Deposit) is paid, the "Renters" name shall be placed on the Club Calendar in the Club Meeting Room, and the date shall be considered as ''booked''.
Rental of the Beaver Creek Sportsman Club Social Hall covers only the Social Hall, entry foyer, bathrooms, kitchen, the immediate surrounding property and parking lot, and a reasonable portion of the lawn area. It does not include the lake, either the indoor or outdoor Gun Range or any other portion of the Club property. Bon Fires are NOT permitted.
It is agreed that the cost of the use of our social hall will be $100.00, (75.00 Rental Fee and $25.00 Security Deposit) paid at signing and retained by Beaver Creek Sportsman Club until an inspection of the premises after the event determines that the building is free of damage, and that the ''Renter'' has cleaned the hall and has met all conditions of this agreement. If all conditions are found to be met, the ''Renter'' shall receive a refund of the $25.00 Security Deposit. The $100.00 is ''non-refundable'' in the case of any cancellation on the part of the ''Renter''. Beaver Creek Sportsman Club reserves the right to enter the premises during the term of the agreement for the purpose of inspection.
CLEANING OF THE HALL- It is the responsibility of the ''Renter'' to clean the building and premises after use and leave it in the condition in which it was received. Such cleaning shall consist of sweeping the floor area of all rooms with push broom, wet moping with hot soapy water, rinsing and moping dry. 
Kitchen work top areas will be washed with hot soapy water, rinsed and dried. Both restrooms should be cleaned including the fixtures and the toilet bowls. All trash is to be taken outside and placed in the proper facilities for disposal of trash and garbage.
Arrangements will be made for depositing trash in our dumpster if it is locked. The Club and entire premises must be cleaned and ready for use no later than 6:00am the following day as other members or Beaver Creek Sportsman Club may be using the facility the next day.
Upon leaving the building after the event, the ''Renter'' shall insure that all lights are off, all doors are ''locked'' and all windows are ''closed and latched''. Some tables and chairs are normally left on the social hall floor for meeting nights. If removed for any reason, they must be returned to their proper placement during clean-up. In addition, any extra tables and chairs used beyond these should be folded and carefully stacked in the southeast corner of the main room. Check at signing as to how the Club wants the tables and chairs left.
1. Decorating will be permitted on the evening prior to the event, providing there is no other activity scheduled. Renter is not permitted to use nails, screws, or other materials which may deface the walls, ceiling or woodwork. Masking tape may be used as an adhesive for affixing decorations (except on ceiling tiles). 
2. Renter is responsible for the conduct of all persons entering the building during the terms of this agreement. 
3. No furnishings whatsoever may be removed from the building at any time. 
4. Illegal gambling is prohibited in the building or on the grounds. 
5. Renter agrees that this agreement is being made for the purposes of the RENTER ONLY! It cannot be assigned to anyone other than the person signing this agreement.
6. Renter agrees that should he employ an outside catering service, neither the caterer nor the renter will be permitted to use kitchen facilities other than the sinks and one refrigerator.
7. Renter agrees that should alcoholic beverages be served at this function, Renter assumes complete and total responsibility and liability for any and all occurrences or accidents and agrees to hold harmless the Beaver Creek Sportsman Club, Inc. Renter also agrees not to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years of age.
It is hereby agreed that Beaver Creek Sportsman Club, Inc. does grant permission to the ‘‘Renter’’ to use the Beaver Creek Sportsman Club Social Hall for the purpose of 

____________________________________________ on the following date and time.
(type of event)

DATE:_________________ TIME:_______________ until __________________
Begin End
I have read and understand the terms of this agreement including what is required of me for the refund of my security deposit ($25.00), and also realize that I am responsible for all Beaver Creek Sportsman Club property and the actions of all my guests during this event. I agree that if damages occur, as Renter, I will compensate Beaver Creek Sportsman Club, within 10 days of the receipt of the damage report, all expenses over and above the amount of the security deposit. My signature declares that I agree to the terms and conditions of this rental agreement. 

Signed: ___________________________________________________________
RENTER                                                  Date

Signed: ___________________________________________________________
BCSC OFFICER                                               Date

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