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Hunting On Club Property

  • Hunting the club property is reserved for "Members Only''. 

  • Guests are not permitted.

  • Tree stands (non permanent) and blinds are permitted.

  • Your BCSC Membership card is your “permission to hunt” should you be stopped by the  Game Warden. You should always carry your BCSC Membership card when on club property. 

  • If you are asked to show your membership card by ANY member while on club property, do not be offended. It is one of the ways we keep trespassers off of our property.

  • On the back wall of the meeting room is an aerial map of the BCSC property that may be helpful in learning the general layout of the BCSC property and determining BCSC property lines.

The Outdoor Gun Range is open from dawn to dusk seven (7) days a week except as noted below OR if the RANGE CLOSED SIGN is posted on the gate. Any and ALL incidents or problems should be reported to the range Committee head as soon as possible.
The range will be CLOSED DURING during ALL "Deer Gun Seasons''. 

Those seasons are as follows: 
~~Youth Deer Season~~
~~Regular Deer Gun Season~~

~~Bonus Days~~

                                                                                                  ~~Muzzle loader Season~~
HUNTERS are NOT permitted to hunt on the Outdoor Range at any time. That means if ''NO ONE'' is using the range, or if the Range is closed, it is still ''NOT PERMITTED'' to hunt on the Outdoor Range. Hunters are NOT permitted to hunt on the Outdoor Range "AT ANY TIME". PERIOD!!

A ''NO HUNTING ZONE'' has beeen established around the range and has been marked and posted in the near future.  It will be roughly 30 Yds on each side of the range from the tree line and extending into the woods. Everyone is urged to respect this zone for everyone's safety.

Hunters using dogs are asked to make every attempt to keep your dogs away from and off of the range.  Hunters who are hunting the perimeter of the range and surrounding areas are urged to heed the "NO HUNTING ZONE"  signs. Always stay at least 30 yds away from the range and keep in mind that you are near the range when shooting. Know what is beyond your target. There could be shooters on the range. Members should always use the THREE C's when hunting or shooting. They are: ''CAUTION, COURTESY AND COMMON SENSE''

Shooters are to fire only down range at designated free standing backboards.  No cross range firing.  Shooters MUST use the Range Flag when going down range to replace or check on targets.  NO FULL AUTOMATIC WEAPONS.  
Our insurance policy does not allow the use of "Full Automatic Weapons'' in either the Indoor or Outdoor Range.  NO DRIVING ON THE RANGE.  Using your vehicle to go down range is PROHIBITED!!
Walk down range to retrieve your targets.  RANGE CLOSED SIGN: A range closed sign will be placed on the gate during any other periods when the Outdoor Range needs  to be closed.  This may occur during a Bow Shoot, CCW Class or for maintenance of the range.  BCSC will make every attempt to post range closing days on the BC Website for your convenience, however, if the sign on the gate  says the range is 
closed, well then, THE RANGE IS CLOSED!!  
SAFETY IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY Hunters and shooters are now responsible for each others safety. 

Any problems or questions should be brought to the attention of Conrad Piscitelli, (Range Committee head) as soon as possible.    Contact Conrad @ (330) 799-2357 or contact someone thru the BCSC Website.


Remember the ''Four Rules of Safe Gun Handling''

Rule #1: Treat every Gun as if it is loaded - Of course every gun is not loaded, but this rule insists that every gun be treated as if it were loaded. Many accidents occur by people who think their gun is not loaded and find out that it is the hard way. For this reason it is always better to be safe than sorry. Treat every gun as if it has a bullet in the chamber.

Rule #2: Only Point if You are Willing to Kill - Never point a gun at something unless you are okay with killing it. Pretending to point a gun at someone isn't fun or funny at all and can end up with fatal results. Keep the gun pointed at the ground at all times unless you are ready to shoot. PLEASE remember: Scopes should NEVER be used as binoculars.

Rule #3: Be Certain of Your Target and what is beyond - Be sure of your target before you point and shoot. Accidents happen, but accidents with guns can end up with people dead or severely wounded. If you ''think'' you see a deer, don't shoot until you are ''sure'' of it. The worst thing that could happen was that a deer was actually your dog or hunting partner, right? 

Rule #4: Keep Your Finger Away from the Trigger. - The last and one of the most important rules of gun safety is to never have your finger on a gun trigger unless you are prepared to pull it. It is also a good idea to keep the safety on at all times. Keeping the safety on and keeping your finger off of the trigger makes for much fewer gun related accidents.

Conrad Piscitelli

(Range Committee head)

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